Misaki Anti-Bacteria SS2 5L


Model/ Product
Anti Bacteria SS2 5L

5 L

Misaki Anti Bacteria SS2 is one of the most common fish medicine to use for prevention and treatment of many fish diseases. Best to use with 0.3% to 0.5% salt with ultraviolet light switched off. While S1 is a less diluted medication, Misaki Anti Bacteria SS2 is more concentrate and effective.

Treatment for:
1. “Stress” of Koi fishes- due to handling and long hours of travelling.

2. “Sleeping sickness” of Koi fishes.

3. “Listless” – not moving much, grouping at the surface and gasping for air.

4. White Spots.

5. Bacterial Infections (including red spots and red patches).

6. Droop fins and tail.

7. No appetite.

8. Fungal infections, parasites and internal worms.

9. Protruding scales.

10. For Quarantine fish.

11. For protection of fish eggs.