Ocean Free Super Battle Bacteria 10000 20gm

Ocean Free

Model/ Product
Super Battle Bacteria 10000 20gm


Key Features
Ocean Free Super Battle Bacteria 10000 has highest concentrated count of 52 billion cells per gm and is suitable for all freshwater aquariums or ponds, and marine aquariums. Highest concentration of stable purified bacterial spores and excellent extra cellular enzyme production Non pathogenic , environmentally safe solve green water and algae problem and help to prevent fish disease.

Apply Super Battle Bacteria directly into the pond/tank flitration or scatter around the pond/tank. For maintenance, add 1g per 10000 liter for water. For water treatment and faster result, you may either double or triple the dosage for gravel or filter gravels. This 20 gm bottle treats 200,000 liters or 55,000 gallons



Ocean Free