Kenko Uni-Ecosense Probiotics 30g


Product/ Model
Uni-Ecosense Probiotics


UNI-ECOSENSE is a unique live bacterial consortium for water and soil for easy bio-degradation to improve pond environment, suppress pathogenic microbes and maintain high water quality and effective in high range of salinity.

Key Features:
1. Accumulation of organic load in the pond creates anaerobic conditions, produces toxic gases like ammonia, nitrite,hydrogen sulfide etc, and enhances the growth of pathogenic bacterial population. This contributes to the pollution of the pond bottom, which deteriorates the healthy environment.

2. UNI-ECOSENSE probiotic for water, soil and shrimp/prawn, a unique live bacterial consortium, improves pond environment by converting complex compounds to simple form for easy Biodegradation (continuously biodegrading variety of accumulated organic load at the pond bottom through a continuous mineralization process in a way to release nutrients in to the pond environment) by producing large amount of waste degrading enzymes like amylase, proteases, lipases, and celluloses.

3. UNI-ECOSENSE produces variety of antibacterial, anti fungal substances, which suppresses pathogenic microbes like salmonella, aeromonas E.coli, and vibrio in the pond environment.

4. UNI-ECOSENSE oxidizes ammonia to form nitrites and nitrates, enhances the natural nitrification and denitrification cycles, to convert nitrate in to nitric oxide, oxide, and harmless nitrogen to create and maintain a high water quality and an ideal environment for shrimp/prawn growth.

5. UNI-ECOSENSE stabilizes pH , alkalinity and algal blooms.

6. UNI-ECOSENSE is effective in high range of salinity (0-50ppt) and pH (4.5 – 9.5)