Mountain Tree Spawning Brush

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Spawning Brush

When is the best time for Koi to breed?
When the water temperature reaches approximately 25 degrees in spring (and in autumn as well in some places), usually around April to July. Mature male and female koi look for places to “make” their offsprings. In natural environments, koi usually spawn in water weeds, plants, roots or other soft materials.

Why do you need a spawning brush?
During this special period, koi are sensitive to the environment, very easy to be frightened. Without a comfy soft home, the koi may try to spawn on hard rocks or anywhere else they could find. Meanwhile, touching coarse materials in the pond can lead to a risk of injuring themselves or not spawning successfully.

Have Higher Survival Rate of Fish EggsHaving been tested by many koi farms, the Mountain Tree Spawning Brushes are proven to be good for providing more three-dimensional space for fish eggs. Furthermore, spawning brush helps eggs access to more oxygen and nutrients needed for growth.

How to Use:
Fluff the brush out a bit. Some spawning brushes are a bit flat from being packed in a small box when shipping.

Wash the brushes or disinfect by using and place them under water, making sure the loops are fixed.

Restore for next spawning season. Spawning brushes can be used in next breeding season after they are washed and stored properly.