Trans Instruments Arowana Pro Digital pH and Temperature Tester

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Arowana Pro Digital pH & Temperature Tester

pH and temperature are the most basic test parameters for Arowana/Koi Fish aquaria.  A healthy Arowana/Koi fish requires a water condition that is near to its native environment to thrive.  Under the right water conditions, the fish will be more healthy and resistant to sickness and therefore be able to glow in full color.

Key Features:
1. Dual Functions: Able to display pH and temperature after a stabilized reading is established.

2. One-Touch Calibration: Calibration is most critical in all pH meters.  Wrong calibration results in inaccuracies and could endanger your water management.  This meter effortlessly calibrates with a single press of a button.  No more damaged trimmer with screwdrivers.  Always calibrates accurately!

3. Automatic Endpoint Reading & Calibration: Eliminates guesswork! This meter automatically locks to an endpoint reading on each test and calibration.

4. Beep Function: Audible beep on every press of a button and a long beep on every completed function and end-point reading.



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