Hikari Saki Hikari Growth Sinking 20kg


Product/ Model
Saki-Hikari Growth Sinking Type

20 Kg.

Pellet Size, Type
M/ L, Sinking

Crude Protein min 40%, Crude Fat min 9%, Crude Fiber max 2.0%, Moisture max 10%, Ash max 17%, Phosphorus min 1.7%

A daily diet offering outstanding growth characteristics to help the advanced hobbyists develop jumbo sized champions!

Expect accelerated growth and championship form! During the development of this diet primary consideration was given to the natural, omnivorous requirements of Nishikigoi. With this in mind Hikari® developed an exacting blend of lipids and other necessary nutritional components which can reduce the chances of internal fat deposits which have been proven to be problematic for koi.

The uniquely balanced ingredients and their availability make this a natural choice for younger koi during their formative period.

The use of carefully selected protein sources makes this diet appealing to the most finicky eaters while offering them a nutrient package that they can readily digest.

Manufactured in Japan to the highest standards, to provide benefits not available with standard koi diets.

Saki-Hikari® is most effective when used without interruption as an exclusive daily diet.