JPD Fujizakura 15kg


Product/ Model

15 kg

Pellet Size, Type
M / L, Floating

Protein 37%, Fat 6%, Fiber 2.2%, Ash 8%, Phosphate 1.3%, Calcium 1.3%, Sodium 0.3%, Astaxanthin 16 mg/Kg

A 25,000 IU/Kg, D3 2800 IU/Kg, E 200 mg/Kg, C (stable) 300 mg/Kg

Key Features:
Immunostimulant- This food is mixed with some special ingredients, and it includes seaweed extract, B-glucagon and yeast cell wall, which is immunostimulant. These components stimulate immune system and accelerate immune response.

When fish have stress by environmental changes, please use this food. It is suitable for maintenance of koi health. JPD Fujizakura pellet keeps shape for long in the water, this food doesn’t deprave the water quality.

Health Food- Stress is one of the causes of disease. This food is enriched with staple vitamin C which reduces stress.  Therefore this food protects koi from a pathogen by an effect of vitamin C.

Colour Enhancer- Astaxanthin makes red redder and vitamin C makes white whiter. These ingredients make a shiny beautiful body. Finally, koi will take on natural beautiful colour.